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Never. Fucking. Surrender. Ever.


Never. Fucking. Surrender. Ever.

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I think I’d respect Sacha Baron Cohen more if he made a film portraying the atrocious stereotypes of Zionists and called it “The Occupier.”

Obviously the man’s intent isn’t to gain respect. It’s to play on racial stereotypes so that he can make a profit.

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shintzel-magick said: you Rebloged my Nakba post and wrote "the white truth " what do you mean by that ?

Meaning you’re a white And you’re full of shit Not very hard to infer that from what I wrote lol Fucking zionists

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Confronting the Zionist regime is a national and religious duty. Cite Arrow Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (via themajesticbim)
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Nakba bullshit, and what is zionism


Wow this world is amazing, let’s get some facts straight, shall we ?
now, what I am telling you now, is not my opinions, it is facts, meaning the truth.
On 14 May 1948 the Jewish settlement declare itself a country, Israel, with permission of the united nations, now the united nations agreed to a two countries solution.
one for the Jews, and one for the Palestinian, which are just Arab from near by countries and not really a nation, an ethnic group, or a people, they are Egyptians, Syrians Lebanese and so on.
now, the Jews declared themselves a country, and Arabs didn’t
why didn’t they declared themselves a country ?
don’t they want to have a country ?
well, because my friends, they wanted everything for themslefs, they didn’t want to share this tiny piece of land with a bunch of Jews.
so all of our good good neighbors attacked in what is known as 1948 arab-israeli war.
now, you need to realize that IDF was a day old, and fought against
wait, how many ?
well lets count, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and a couple of more division.
now you need to realize that Israel had to recruit Jews from all over the world for this army, Jews that came to live in the new Israeli state which was now in total war.
but where do this Jews came from ? well, there was this little place called Europe and a couple of years ago had this thing called WW2, and along side that great great war was this little genocide, of 6 million Jews.
so those Arab armies fought Jewish settlers, and holocaust survivors
because they didn’t want to share.
and the Palestinians ? well, 3 things happened
1. The neighboring Arab countries told the Palestinian to come over to their side of the borderline, and after the war would be done, and the jews gone, they could come back to their homes.
2. Some of the Palestinian flee on their own
3. Some war banished by IDF because hey, when so many armies of long existing countries come over to finish what Hitler started, you tend not to play nice.
long story short, Israel won, and by international law, by attacking and not declaring their own country they denied themselves of the right, for a country.
I’m not saying that Israel is a goodie two shoes, but, it was a war for survival.
and now ! they call it nakba, and everybody “yeah it is so terrible “
we agreed to share and live in peace, but they wanted everything for themselves
and now tumblr is full with this nakba bullshit.
and now for Zionism:
 Zionism started in around 1890, Zionism means that I as a Israeli citizen like living in Israel, and that’s that.
I don’t care about the west bank, I don’t care about Gaza, the Palestinians can live there happily, the problem is that they spawn terrorist acts.
my city Rehovot was founded in 1890, what is now Israel today was Jewish ground fare an square for a lot of years, you can check since when Israeli cities war around.
it is not Palestinian ground.
it was paid for, and bought
most of this land was a wasteland, desert and swamps, the arab territory was not that big. the jews made israel what it is now today.
this is not Palestine, this is Israel
and the only reason Israel exist is because people like all of now days extreme Muslims, who wants to see every jew dead, not every Israeli, every jew.
and believe me, you have a lot of left wings jews siding with them.
Zionism is not some cruel racist, me wanting the entire middle east for myself.
Zionism is me liking to have a home.

The Truth!

The WHITE Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

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“Some may argue that there are some “GOOD” jews and lets admit that there are a some evil gentiles too of course but, have you EVER heard ANY of these gentile scum brag that ‘God has rewarded their evil with special consideration no matter WHAT sins they commit’?

“GOOD” people do NOT murder children or other helpless human beings, Good people do not LIE – ESPECIALLY in matters that will cause untold misery death and destruction.
Good people do not promote homosexual perversion – infanticide – pornography – white slavery – racism – blasphemy – mockery of our Lord Christ – indulge in usury – commit treason – rejoice in the suffering of their victims – support universally evil ideologies such as Marxism – profit at the expense of the misery of others – promote the destruction of Christian belief – commit genocide – commit MONUMENTAL hypocrisy – purposefully deceive others – engage in ‘selective’ censorship – LITERALLY worship money – torture helpless human beings – excel at miserliness and greed – exalt themselves above God – routinely break the Ten Commandments with NO remorse.

Those evil scum in IsraHELL murder helpless Palestinian children for sport!

The FACTS ARE that never in ALL of mankind’s recorded history has there ever been a more murderous lying evil bunch of people as they are.”

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Quote of the Week

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Emotional reaction

lol @ universally evil ideologies 

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Socialists who aren’t Zionists are such assholes. Cite Arrow Me, 7 years ago. (via shitliberalzionistssay)
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stumbled across the blog of a Holocaust Denying, Zionist Hating, Anti-Semite


Trying to decide if I should attempt to put some reason in this person’s brain or just leave it alone. I realize that these people exist and there is nothing I can do to change their minds, but I can’t help how upsetting it is to see and how much I want to do something. I just know nothing good is going to come of it. 

But especially with Yom Hashoah and Yom HaAtzmaut coming up so soon. Remembering that just one year ago I stood on the grounds of so many concentration and death camps and witnessed the horrors. And that just one week later I went to Israel, a country which feels like home despite the fact that I’ve spent a total of about 3 weeks there in my entire life.

It tears me apart to know that people like the one behind the blog I saw are out there.

Option #3: Make passive aggressive posts about said person.

Zionism is racism, fascism, and if you are an apologist for it, you are guilty of the same.

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Ofir Gendelman gettin’ feisty. Apparently copy-pasting snarky facebook comments onto official letterhead is what passes for Israeli government correspondence nowadays.

The REAL problem


Ofir Gendelman gettin’ feisty. Apparently copy-pasting snarky facebook comments onto official letterhead is what passes for Israeli government correspondence nowadays.

The REAL problem

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Tel Aviv Architecture by Hopeless 76 on Flickr.

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First Day as a Liberal Zionist Kid II


First Day as a Liberal Zionist Kid II

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Sometimes Israel needs to turn off the power in Gaza so the Gazans can cool off and calm down a bit. Cite Arrow Yes, someone I know actually said this. (via shitliberalzionistssay)
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