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The Importance of Vitamin B-12


Since high school, I have been really good about taking my vitamins since I was a vegetarian and I knew I didn’t want to have any nutrient deficiencies. 

After seeing this article, I thought it would be helpful for me to post a little about my least favorite vitamin.

Vitamin B-12 (I order it here) is really important. Not getting enough can lead to anemia, loss of energy, confusion, and even depression. As a student, this these are things I really want to avoid.

However, the biggest problem I have with this vitamin (I am really good at taking my vitamins everyday) is the way it tastes. Even if you are able to swallow it with the strongest tasting food or drink, the putrid aroma and taste of this vitamin lingers with you all day.

I have tried taking it at night, so I would not have to really deal with this problem but I ended up staying up all night feeling ill. So I take it in the morning with breakfast and deal with the aftertaste for hours after.

So if anyone knows of a better tasting B-12 or a better way to mask the taste/smell let me know.

I know there is vitamin b12 in cultured drinks like kombucha and water kefir. I brew water kefir now and it isn’t very hard. Supposedly has a lot of other nutrients, though don’t know offhand.

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well my beautiful followers, go vegan! As long as you don’t just fall into a diet of diet coke and chips, you’re almost garunteed to lose weight! And you’ll look tighter, so even if the number on the scale doesn’t drop too much, you’ll look smaller! and if you binge, it’s on carrots on shit, it’s like a 100 calorie binge! 

Want to be less depressed? Well the food is so nutricious, that you actually feel less depressed! how great is that?

Have an awesome Easter, and maybe consider it your last meat or dairy meal, go vegan <3 

Fuck pro-ana blogs

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This is some SERIOUS dedication! My fridge WILL look like this one day!

Someone needs to make their own kombucha..


This is some SERIOUS dedication! My fridge WILL look like this one day!

Someone needs to make their own kombucha..

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To all my followers on Tumblr!  If you could please take 2 minutes to click on the link above, I have applied to be a contestant for the 2012 sexiest vegetarian/vegan next door on PETA’s website.  As most of you know, I am vegan, 100% cruelty free, and a huge animal rights activist!  Please, click on the link, then in the top right hand corner of the screen hit the vote now button, put your name and click on the vote for me button =) … it would mean a lot to earn this title and give me the opportunity to reach an even greater amount of people if I were to win.  Thanks so much to those of you who do!  Please let me know..  Did you vote for me?

what activism!

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Why go Vegan?


You will feel amazing physically and mentally.


Less cruelty in the world.

It’s super Healthy.

You will feel great.

You will look amazing.

You will have a new found knowledge of food and the food industry.

You will broaden your horizons with new food and knowledge.

You won’t have to miss out on anything. (Trust me there is a fake everything which is healthier and nicer).

Your look good on the outside and the inside. 

[Reblog and add your own reasons!]

Someone doesn’t know what Karma is..

Fake everything is nasty as fuck, what’s the point of being vegan if you are going to just eat a bunch of processed shit.

And plenty of vegans are just as ugly inside.

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